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A Walk Through the History of Kuthampully Handloom Saree

Kuthampully handloom saree

The traditional saree of Kerala is a story of cultural richness whispered across generations. Among that never-ending legacy of traditional sarees, the Kuthampully handloom saree is a breathtaking masterpiece that is deeply rooted in the culture, tradition, and heritage of Kerala. At Haradhi, we take immense pride in carrying forward spreading the legacy of these exquisite sarees through our online shopping site. 

Elegance Bound by History 

The handloom sarees originate from the village of Kuthampully which is situated in Kerala's Thrissur district. For over five centuries the skilled artisans have woven these sarees with their own hands transforming the threads into a fine work of art. These sarees are a testament to the dedication showcasing intricate and vibrant colors that tell Kerala's traditional richness. 

The significance of our handloom sarees always extends beyond its beauty and elegance. These beautiful sarees are often worn on special occasions like festivals, weddings, and religious ceremonies to symbolize elegance, grace, and a special connection to the roots of Kerala. When you drape our Kerala settu saree you become a part of this never-ending legacy and you are carrying the tradition unknowingly, which is cherished for generations. 

Preserving the Legacy

Handloom sarees have significance and at Haradhi we know how to take care of them. We are super passionate about preserving this traditional art form and we make it accessible to a wider range of customers which will then spread the history of these handloom sarees. Our sarees are directly collected from the skilled Kuthampully weavers, thus we ensure you will get the product at its best. Haradhi has been serving our customers with love and dedication for years. Our expert team sources the finest natural materials that are dyed with sustainable dyes. Each of our products undergo thorough quality checks before they reach your doorstep. We guarantee a piece of art that is not only beautiful but also durable in an ethnic way. 


Through our online platform, we are aiming to connect the global customers and spread Kerala's rich handloom heritage. At Haradhi, we offer a unique opportunity to connect with Kerala's vibrant culture. So whenever you purchase from Haradhi, you are not just owning a piece of cloth.  More than that you are becoming a part of the legacy, supporting the livelihood of skilled artisans and carrying forward the timeless tradition. We invite you to explore our vast collection of Kerala saree online and discover the magic of these captivating masterpieces.



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