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Haradhi: The Best Kerala Handloom Saree Destination

Handloom sarees are a popular choice for women looking for traditional Indian sarees. Kerala is known for its handloom sarees. The unique design and intricate work that represents the state of Kerala is what makes them perfect to wear during festivals or every day. You should know that handloom sarees are woven art form by artisans who are considered experts and masters of their craft. You can notice the difference in texture, drape, weave, and color of a handmade saree from a machine-made one.

At Haradhi, we have a long-term commitment to providing you with high-quality handmade sarees. We are known for our exceptional work in the domain of handloom manufacturing and supply. Our Kerala Handloom Saree has gained popularity in the market due to their fine craftsmanship, durability, and unmatched designs.

How Our Handloom Sarees Made?

Handloom Sarees are an integral part of the traditional Kerala culture. There are many types of handlooms available, but in general, they're all made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool. They are carefully crafted with love and care to make them unique and special. Handloom cloth is a unique product produced by skilled weavers, which is hand-made using traditional methods. The process requires skilled operators, time, patience, and money. The process is not simple, thus it requires good practice and hard work.

Here are the steps of handloom manufacturing:

  • Collecting the Raw Material

  • Spinning of raw material to yarn

  • Scouring to remove natural oil

  • Dyeing of yarns with chemical or natural dyes

  • Drying of Dye

  • Bobbin Winding

  • Warping

  • Sizing of warp yarn

  • Winding of warp yarn

  • Weft yarn Winding

  • Weaving of warp and weft in a Handloom

Today, the availability of pure handloom products is rare. Haradhi gives you the best quality Kerala handlooms. Our products are made by experienced artisans from Kuthampully who have been weaving for many years. They use the traditional method to make the best quality Kerala saree. We are a leading manufacturer in this field, so we can guarantee your satisfaction if you buy from us.


The Handloom industry has still important and flourishing in Kerala. The people of Kerala have always been known for their simplicity and elegance, which is evident in their attire as well. The traditional hand-woven fabric of Kerala sarees is known for its fine quality, which makes them different from other traditional sarees. They are also known for their intricate patterns, which are very difficult to replicate by machine. It’s one of the best choices for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions in India.

Haradhi offers an exclusive range of handloom products which includes set mundu, double mundu, soft silk saree, and Kerala Handloom saree. Our collections are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. We offer authentic handlooms from various villages across Kerala at competitive prices so that you can purchase a beautiful saree without burning a hole in your pocket. We are a leading Supplier, Manufacturer, and Exporters of Handloom having a wide range of products.



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