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The Mark of Tradition: Kuthampully Kerala Saree

What is Kuthampully?

Kuthampully is a handloom village in the Thrissur district of Kerala. It is located 50 km from the town and is well known for handloom weaving in the state and handloom kasavu sarees. It is a village that is famous for cotton weaving. A part of the most exotic handloom sarees in India is produced at Kuthampully by around 600 Brahmin families. The most striking aspect of this handloom weaving industry is its kasavu (or zari). The inhabitants of this village mostly belong to the community known as Devanga. Their origins can be traced back to the present state of Karnataka. You can now purchase this famous Kuthampully Kerala saree at Haradhi.

The interesting Kuthampully legend says that this Devanga community of traditional weavers was brought here by the royal family of Kochi about 500 years back. They are brought to involve their trade only for the royal palace. With 102 members, who are the major representatives of the inhabitants, the registration of Kuthampully Handloom Industrial Cooperative Society happened in 1972. Now the society has 814 members and a building in the region. Furthermore, Kuthampully Kerala saree received Intellectual Property rights through the GI (Geographical Indication) Act. Famous clothing produced here is set mundu, kasavu double dhoti, and veshti.

Kasavu saree: production and time taken

It is said that the count is the factor that influences the production time. To produce a plain saree, with a border and a stripe on its end piece usually requires a time period of three to five days. When its features increase, the time invested in its production will be much more. When designing a set saree, if there are extremely elaborate motifs, the production can take considerable time, maybe even up to a month. Since everything is done by hand, the time consumed will be more. There will be a great variation in pricing. For instance, if you purchase from a cluster, an ordinary cotton saree can cost only Rs 3000. But it can even go up to Rs 1,50,000. The price depends on the quantity of gold and the effort or labor utilized for the production. You can purchase both the Kuthampully saree as well as Kerala saree online at our website, Haradhi.

How to identify the real Kuthampully saree?

In a world where a duplicate is available for every major brand, no wonder that numerous duplicate Kuthampully sarees are available in the state. But an expert can definitely tell the difference. Even you can if you pay attention to some details of the real Kuthampully sarees which are as follows:

  • Designs of the genuine Kuthampully Kerala saree appear so prominently on the borders of both sides, pallu as well as on the body part

  • These sarees are mainly woven using yarns that are undyed, such as Balaramapuram sarees.

  • The basic texture of Kuthampully Kerala sarees are different. Unlike similar cotton sarees, the thread of the fabric has a higher density. To get a softer touch, they give a less starchy finish.


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