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Haradhi is a leading manufacturer and seller of the finest quality handloom sarees online in Kerala. At Haradhi, we take pride in being the best partner to make your auspicious moments special. Our collection of handloom Kerala sarees from Kuthampully is a treat for your eyes as well as for your body. Kuthampully weavers are Handloom weavers with a long history of traditional weaving and we are proud to bring the traditional art closer to you. We have varieties of handmade handloom Kerala saree, set mundu, soft silk saree, tissue saree, double mundu, and blouse pieces. Choose from a variety of intricate designs and traditional colors from to be more beautiful and confident.

Benefits of Franchise Partnership

  • Join the family and benefit from:

    • Brand recognition and reputation

    • Comprehensive support systems

    • Training programs

    • Marketing assistance

    • Access to an extensive customer base


  • The target market in Ernakulam consists of individuals who appreciate and seek out authentic Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis. Ernakulam, being a major city and commercial hub in Kerala, has a diverse population that includes both locals and visitors from different parts of India and abroad. The local market in Ernakulam is known for its affinity towards traditional attire and cultural heritage.

By establishing a store in Ernakulam, the franchisee can tap into this market and cater to the needs of customers who value authenticity, quality, and traditional clothing. Here are some reasons why Ernakulam is a strategic location for a store:

1. High Footfall: Ernakulam experiences a significant influx of people due to its commercial and tourist activities. The city attracts both local residents and tourists, providing a steady flow of potential customers to the store.

2. Cultural Significance: Kerala's traditional attire, including sarees, setmundu, and dhotis, holds immense cultural significance. Ernakulam, being part of Kerala's cultural landscape, offers a prime opportunity to showcase and sell these authentic garments to individuals who appreciate and celebrate the region's heritage.

3. Fashion Consciousness: Ernakulam has a population that is fashion-conscious and seeks out unique and traditional clothing options.'s collection of Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis can attract customers who are looking for high-quality, authentic garments that reflect their sense of style and cultural identity.

4. Growing E-commerce Penetration: While has a successful online platform, establishing a physical store in Ernakulam allows the brand to tap into customers who prefer offline shopping experiences. The synergy between the online presence and physical store presence can create a holistic shopping experience for customers and drive higher sales.

5. Tourist Destination: Ernakulam, along with its neighboring areas such as Fort Kochi and Munnar, is a popular tourist destination in Kerala. Tourists often look for souvenirs and traditional clothing to take back as mementos. A store can cater to this demand and become a go-to destination for tourists seeking authentic Kerala garments.

By strategically positioning the store in Ernakulam, the franchisee can leverage the city's high footfall, cultural significance, fashion-conscious population, growing e-commerce penetration, and tourist influx to establish a strong customer base. The franchisee can actively engage with the local community, collaborate with cultural events, and implement effective marketing strategies to promote the store and attract customers.

The market demand for authentic Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis is significant and continues to grow. These traditional garments hold a special place in Kerala's culture and are sought after by individuals who appreciate the heritage and elegance associated with them. Here are some key points highlighting the market demand:

1. Cultural Significance: Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis are deeply rooted in Kerala's cultural heritage. They are worn on special occasions, festivals, weddings, and religious ceremonies, making them an integral part of the state's cultural fabric. This cultural significance creates a consistent demand for these authentic garments.

2. Unique Craftsmanship: Authentic Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis are known for their unique craftsmanship and intricate designs. These garments are traditionally handwoven using techniques passed down through generations, making them highly valued by customers who appreciate the skill and artistry behind them.

3. Symbol of Tradition: Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis represent the traditional attire of the region. Many individuals, both in Kerala and outside, prefer to wear these garments to connect with their roots, showcase their cultural identity, and embrace the rich traditions associated with Kerala.

4. Weddings and Festivals: Kerala weddings and festivals are grand affairs that call for traditional attire. Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis are the preferred choices for such occasions, creating a consistent demand throughout the year. The wedding season and festive celebrations contribute significantly to the market demand for these garments.

5. Fashion Industry Integration: Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis have also made their way into the fashion industry. Designers and fashion enthusiasts are incorporating traditional elements into modern designs, making these garments popular among a wider audience. This integration has further expanded the market demand for authentic Kerala attire.

6. Tourist Appeal: Kerala's popularity as a tourist destination attracts visitors from all over the world. Tourists often seek out authentic souvenirs and clothing items that reflect the local culture. Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis are among the most sought-after items by tourists, contributing to the market demand.

Given the cultural significance, unique craftsmanship, symbol of tradition, wedding and festival demand, integration with the fashion industry, and tourist appeal, the market demand for authentic Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis remains robust., with its focus on delivering high-quality and authentic products, is well-positioned to cater to this demand and provide customers with an extensive collection of Kerala garments.

BRAND VALUE has established a significant customer base and has built a strong brand value in the market. This existing customer base and brand recognition can greatly benefit the franchisee in increasing sales and attracting customers to the store in Ernakulam. Here's how can support the franchisee with store marketing in Ernakulam:

1. Marketing Assistance: The team will provide comprehensive marketing assistance to the franchisee. This includes guidance on developing effective marketing strategies, creating promotional campaigns, and implementing targeted advertising initiatives to drive footfall to the store.

2. Brand Recognition: As a franchisee of, you will leverage the brand's existing recognition and reputation in the market. The established brand value will help create awareness and generate interest among potential customers in Ernakulam.

3. Collaborative Marketing Efforts: believes in collaboration and teamwork. The franchisee will benefit from joint marketing efforts with the brand, which may include participating in regional marketing campaigns, collaborating on social media promotions, and cross-promoting with other outlets or online platforms.

4. Localized Marketing Strategies: The team understands the importance of adapting marketing strategies to the local market. They will work closely with the franchisee to develop tailored marketing campaigns that resonate with the specific preferences, culture, and trends of customers in Ernakulam.

5. Online Presence: While the franchisee will have a physical store in Ernakulam,'s strong online presence will further complement the store's marketing efforts. The franchisee will benefit from the brand's extensive customer base and online reach, which can drive traffic and sales to the store.

6. Collaborations and Events: may organize or participate in local events, fashion shows, or exhibitions that provide opportunities for the franchisee to showcase the collection and attract customers. Such collaborations can enhance the visibility of the store in Ernakulam and generate buzz in the local community.

7. Visual Merchandising Support: The team can provide guidance and support in visual merchandising, helping the franchisee create an appealing store layout and display that highlights the beauty and elegance of Kerala sarees, setmundu, and dhotis. This can enhance the overall shopping experience and attract customers.

By leveraging's customer base, brand value, marketing assistance, collaborative efforts, localized strategies, online presence, event collaborations, and visual merchandising support, the franchisee can effectively market the store in Ernakulam and drive sales growth. The partnership with ensures that the franchisee has access to a strong support system and a dedicated team that will assist in all aspects of store marketing to maximize success.


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