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Best Kasavu Saree in Kerala

Kasavu sarees are Kerala’s iconic cotton sarees. They are well known for their royal origins. Kasavu sarees are famous for their minimalist aesthetic. In Indian culture, sarees and dresses are full of myriad patterns and bold colors. Kerala’s traditional Kasavu sari will stand out from the rest with its elegance and visual restraint. Other than the simple appearances of these sarees they have a cultural legacy. They are well known for their unique aesthetic look. Haradhi is a leading brand to manufacture and sell the best kasavu saree in Kerala.


Kasavu saree is worn by Malayali communities to temples and on several other occasions like weddings, festivals, and more. This is an old-age woven craft and we have created it with design intervention. Haradhi is weaving the best Kasavu sarees in India with the best quality raw materials through the best processes. 

Understand the Intricacies of Kasavu Weaves

 The term Kasavu is actually the zari used on the border of the Kerala saree and it is not the saree itself. It is actually the name of the manufacturing material used in the manufacturing process. Thus, when the kasavu becomes a part of mundu, (usually dhoti) it is called Kasavu mundu. Haradhi is the leading brand in manufacturing Kerala kasavu saree.


Process of Making Kerala Kasavu Saree

For manufacturing such sarees, both hand-made spun and mill-made spun can be used. When compared to mill-made spun, hand-made spun is both expensive and difficult for the mass procedure. We will put this yarn through a long pre-weaving process. Once they receive the yarn, it will be soaked in water for seven or eight days. It is stamped every day. While it is soaking, to get the dirt and starch out, we will make sure it is completely soft.


The yarn is then taken out after a week or so. A part of it is dyed if required. After that, they will wrap and stretch the yarn. But according to the tradition in Kerala, this stretching has to be done in the early morning between four and seven in the morning. This is mainly because the temperature and atmosphere during these hours are considered optimum for this process. Haradhi is the best brand that you will find for Kerala saree online shopping


Before the warp is made to put on the loom, the artisans re-starch it in the morning. Then they will allow it to dry. Then they will starch it once again and then brush it with a comb that is made out of coconut fiber. It is dried for some time and then put on the loom. The stretched yarn is clean and absorbent. The starch is then added to it and it will not break on the loom. After this, there is no post-weaving process. They will just take it off the loom and will put it on the shelf. There is no process in weaving after this. With decades of experience in the field of manufacturing sarees, Haradhi is the best company to create the best Kerala Kasavu saree.

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