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Set Mundu: The Traditional Attire of Kerala


Kerala, a state located in the southern part of India, is known for its unique culture and traditions. One such tradition is the attire worn by women, called the set mundu. The set mundu is a two-piece garment that consists of a mundu (lower garment) and neriyathu (upper garment). It is a popular attire worn by women during festivals, weddings, and other important occasions.

History and Evolution of Set Mundu

The origin of the set mundu can be traced back to the early 19th century when it was worn by women in the royal families of Kerala. Over time, the attire became popular among the masses and evolved to become the traditional attire of Kerala.


Design and Fabric

Set Mundu is a traditional attire worn by women in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is a two-piece garment, consisting of a long cloth draped around the lower body and a shorter cloth worn as a shawl over the upper body. To design a fabric for an authentic Set Mundu, we need to consider the traditional colors, motifs, and materials used in the region. Generally, the fabric used for Set Mundu is cotton or silk, with cotton being more common for everyday wear and silk for special occasions.

Some traditional colors for Set Mundu include white, cream, off-white, and beige. These colors represent purity, simplicity, and elegance. However, some modern versions of Set Mundu also use brighter colors like pink, blue, green, and yellow. Motifs used in Set Mundu can vary, but some common ones include floral patterns, peacock motifs, and geometric designs. These motifs are often printed or woven into the fabric using traditional techniques like handloom weaving, block printing, or screen printing. The handloom weaving technique adds texture and depth to the fabric, giving it a unique and authentic feel.

Significance and Importance

The set mundu is an important part of the culture and tradition of Kerala. It is worn by women of all ages and is considered a symbol of elegance and grace. It is also a sign of respect for the customs and traditions of the state. The set mundu is not only worn during special occasions but is also worn on a daily basis by many women in Kerala. It is comfortable, easy to wear, and suitable for the tropical climate of the region.


The set mundu is a beautiful and elegant attire that represents the culture and tradition of Kerala. It has evolved over time to become the traditional attire of the state and is worn with pride by women of all ages. Its popularity has also spread to other parts of India and the world, making it a symbol of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Kerala.

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