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Which saree is famous in Kerala?

The saree that is famous in Kerala is the Kasavu saree, also known as the Kerala saree. It is a traditional saree worn by women in Kerala and is usually made of cotton with a golden border. The Kasavu saree is known for its simplicity and elegance and is often worn on special occasions and festivals. The golden border of the saree is usually made of pure gold, but nowadays, it is commonly made of zari or gold-colored threads. The white color of the saree represents purity and simplicity, which is highly valued in Kerala's culture.
Haradhi is a brand that specializes in Kerala sarees, and it has gained popularity for its high-quality, handcrafted sarees made from the finest cotton and silk materials. The brand's sarees are known for their elegant designs and intricate embroidery work, which are inspired by Kerala's rich cultural heritage. is an online platform where customers can browse and purchase Haradhi sarees from the comfort of their homes. The website offers a wide range of sarees, including Kasavu sarees, Kalamkari sarees, and silk sarees, among others. Customers can choose from various colors, designs, and patterns to find a saree that suits their taste and occasion.

The website also provides customers with detailed product descriptions, including the fabric type, length, and weight of the saree, along with high-quality images that allow customers to see the saree's intricate details. also offers free shipping within India and provides a 30-day return policy for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase.

Overall, is an excellent platform for customers looking to purchase high-quality Kerala sarees online, and the brand has gained a reputation for its elegant designs and excellent customer service.

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