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Kerala Saree - An Ensemble Beyond Onakodi

Kerala saree or Kerala Set Saree is traditionally known as Mundum Neriyathyum. Times immemorial have witnessed the Malayali Mangamar flaunting this attire during the festivities of Onam and Vishu. The apparel was a symbol of prosperity. Every woman wearing her Kerala saree felt the awakening of the goddess in her wrapped in gold kasavu and the purity of white finery.

Kerala Saree is the traditional attire of the Malayalees in Kerala. The sari is a long, wide dress usually worn by married women in India. Women wear it for festivals and special occasions, as well as daily wear. The sari is one of the most beautiful traditional Indian dresses. It has been worn by women across all regions of India for centuries. Over time, the dress has evolved into a popular clothing item for all occasions. Today, you can find numerous varieties of saris available in stores across the world.

Women belonging to the upper segments of society had the privilege to adorn themselves in this gorgeous piece of clothing on other occasions as well whereas the members of the royal attired in their kasavu pudavas daily. Down the line, the Kerala saree got refashioned and adapted itself to fit into every occasion and individual style preferences. This gives the women in you a wide range of options to choose your statement wear. Starting from a simple and comfortable kerala handloom saree with multiple color options in kattikara to an embellished handloom wedding collection.


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