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Adding a Touch of Glamour to Your Kerala Sarees this Onam

Set saree

Onam is Kerala's own festival and it is for the celebration and showcasing the rich culture and heritage of the region. One of the eyeconic aspects of Kerala's traditional attire is the elegant Kerala saree. Today with Haradhi, we are giving you some fantastic ways to express your Kerala saree’s beauty and some of the styling techniques to add a dash of glamour that will turn the heads around you.

Blouse Designs

The blouse is the essential element of any saree that can enhance the beauty even if you are wearing a simple saree without any styling elements on it. With haradi you can shop Kerala saree online and find the perfect piece that matches your style. You can consider trying out some unique blouse designs that incorporate trendy patterns, beautiful embroidery or beadwork. Our saree goes with any style you desire. Go for contrasting colours aur opes for magnificent metallic blouses. This adds a statement to what you are wearing. Also you can experiment with the neckline styles and sleeve patterns that are trending now or you can design a unique style for yourself. 

Statement Accessories

Accessorizing can make your look more unique and when it comes to exercise in your Kerala saree there is no shortage of options to choose from. Elegant gold antique jewelleries can instantly elevate your total look. The statement earrings, necklaces, bangles and more can compliment the colours and motifs of your Kerala saree. Also don't forget to decorate your hair with Jasmine flowers. 

Stylish Draping Techniques

While the traditional way of draping a Kerala Saree is timeless and elegant, you can also experiment with different draping styles. Try the modern "mermaid style" draping, which accentuates your curves and adds a contemporary touch. Alternatively, you can drape your saree in a butterfly style or experiment with a double drape to bring a unique twist to your Onam ensemble.

Vibrant Color Palettes

Kerala Sarees are known for their vibrant and bold colour combinations. This Onam, celebrate with Haradhi, where Kerala saree online shopping is made easy. If you prefer a more subtle look, go for pastel shades and tissue material from our website adorned with intricate gold borders. Experiment with different colour combinations and find the one that truly resonates with your style.

Prints and Motifs

You are not looking for traditional plain sarees, explore the world of prints and motifs at Haradhi. Kerala Sarees adorned with traditional designs like kasavu work, temple borders, peacock motifs, or floral patterns can instantly add a playful element to your ensemble. Opt for sarees with unconventional prints to showcase your individuality and make a fashion statement this Onam.

Contemporary Blouse Pairings

For a modern look, you can pair your Kerala set saree aree with a contemporary crop top or a stylish sheer blouse. The contrasting styles create a fusion look that exudes confidence and elegance. Experiment with different fabrics, necklines, and sleeve styles to find the perfect contemporary blouse that complements the traditional charm of your saree.


This Onam, go beyond the conventional style, let out your style by adding a touch of glamour to your Kerala Sarees. With statement accessories, stylish draping techniques, colour palettes, prints, and contemporary blouse designs, you can create a fashion forward look while preserving the essence of Kerala's timeless tradition. Celebrate Onam in style, making unforgettable fashion statements along the way.



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