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The Beauty of Mural Paintings on Clothes

Kerala settu

Showcasing art and expressing its message in clothing is a different feeling.Today, we want to talk about the beauty of mural paintings on clothes, particularly in the dhavani set that we offer on our website. 

In our collection, we present an enchanting fusion of traditional mural paintings in our sarees, Kerala settu mundu and dhavani. At Haradhi, we have a wide range of options, including pre-stitched and unstitched dhavani sets for your convenience.

The Art of Mural Paintings on Clothes

Mural paintings have a rich history in Kerala, with their origins dating back centuries. Traditionally, mural paintings were done on walls and temples. Mural paintings tell stories, legends, and mythological tales through vibrant colours and detailing. Today, we are bringing this art form to your wardrobe with our dhavani sets adorned with stunning mural paintings. 

The Beauty of Mural Paintings in Dhavani Sets

One of the most unique offerings on our website is our dhavani sets made with mural paintings. These sets combine the elegance of traditional Kerala clothing with the beauty of art, creating a piece of art and craftsmanship. The mural paintings on these dhavani sets feature beautiful designs and vibrant colours, making them a statement piece for any wardrobe.

Whether you prefer pre-stitched or unstitched Dhavani sets, we have options for everyone. Our pre-stitched sets are perfect for those who want a quick shopping and have less time to stitch for any occasion. Our unstitched sets allow you to customize the fit to your liking. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality garment that will make you stand out from the crowd.

A Timeless Classic

One of the most iconic pieces in Kerala's traditional attire is the Kerala kasavu saree. Made with pure cotton and golden borders, this saree is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. At Haradhi, we offer a variety of kasavu sarees, each one more beautiful than the last. 

 Slaying in Tradition

For those looking for a more traditional look, the settu mundu is the perfect choice. This two piece garment consists of a lower garment called the mundu and an upper garment called the neriyathu. Together, they create a stunning look of Kerala's rich cultural heritage. At Haradhi, we have a variety of settu mundu sets to choose from, each one perfect for any occasion. And for those looking for a contemporary style, we also have tissue Kerala saree available.

Stitch Your Comfort with Haradhi

At Haradhi, we believe in celebrating tradition and embracing modernity. That is why we offer a range of options for our customers, from classic Kerala sarees to contemporary dhavani sets. With our collection, you can stitch your comfort and style effortlessly, knowing that you are wearing a piece of art that tells a story of Kerala's rich cultural heritage.


The beauty of mural painting is timeless. 

At Haradhi, you can go through the mesmerizing world of mural paintings on clothes. With our beautiful dhavani set with captivating mural art, you can showcase your sense of style while keeping traditional aesthetics alive. Shop from our website, explore our diverse range of selection, and embrace the fusion of art and fashion. Experience comfort, elegance, and the enchanting beauty of mural paintings on clothes, as you create your own unique style statement with Haradhi.



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