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Celebrating Traditions with Kerala Saree and Double Mundu

Kerala Saree

At Hradhi, we embrace the rich cultural heritage of Kerala through the exquisite Kerala handloom saree and the traditional Kerala double mundu. These attire choices hold significance on various occasions, adding grace and elegance to the wearer's presence. In addition to wearing the traditional garments of Kerala on special occasions, these attire can be worn at any time, even on a regular day. But the magic of the garment is that they can even make a regular day a special one. With Haradhi, we make it possible to access Kerala’s traditional wear for everyone through our online shopping site. With Haradhi by your side, celebrate every day like a special and memorable one. 

The Art of Weaving

The Kerala handloom sarees, known for their distinctive elegance and intricate craftsmanship, are a symbol of Kerala's traditional attire. This six-yard wonder, woven in fine cotton, is adorned with golden borders or with unique patterns and vibrant colors, making it perfect for various celebrations and festivals. Its lightweight and comfort make it an ideal choice for formal gatherings or casual outings, reflecting the essence of Kerala's cultural heritage. At Haradhi, we have an exclusive collection of handloom sarees that embrace the tradition of Kerala. The sarees encapsulate the expertise and dedication of our weavers. With us drape the elegance of Kerala, and feel the divinity in every inch.   

The Kerala double mundu, a traditional attire worn by men, consists of two pieces of white cloth draped around the lower body. It symbolizes simplicity and cultural authenticity. The double mundu is often worn during auspicious occasions, religious ceremonies, or cultural events, exuding a sense of tradition and grace.

Occasions to Wear Kerala Saree and Double Mundu

The handloom saree from Haradhi is a versatile attire that can be worn on numerous occasions. From weddings and festive celebrations to formal gatherings or religious ceremonies, the saree adds an ethnic touch to every event. Its elegance and charm make it a favorite choice among women for embracing cultural occasions with grace. Similarly, the Kerala double mundu holds significance in various traditional events. Whether it is a religious function, a cultural event, or a special occasion, men often choose the double mundu for its cultural authenticity and simplicity, reflecting the essence of Kerala's traditional attire.


At Hradhi, we celebrate Kerala's cultural richness by offering the timeless elegance of the Kerala saree and the traditional charm of the double mundu. These attires hold a special place on various occasions, adding a touch of tradition and grace. Embrace the cultural heritage of Kerala with Hradhi's collection, elevating your presence and celebrating traditions in style with these iconic garments.



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