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Simple and Classy Kerala Traditional Saree

kerala traditional saree
Simple and Classy Kerala Traditional Saree

Malayalam film actress Shruti Ramachandran in stunning Kerala saree attire. Kerala sarees have always given a good vibe to Malayalees living all around the world. Kerala sarees,

commonly known as Kasavu sarees are symbolic of Kerala’s tradition and culture. People in

Keralites use these sarees for different kinds of occasions. These are white and gold sarees, they are unique due to their natural hues, texture, and gold border. This will add to their elegance. Actually, in Kerala, no occasion will feel complete without the kasavu costume.

Haradhi is the best brand to manufacture and sell Kerala traditional saree.


The origin of the kasavu saree or Kerala saree can be traced back various centuries. At that time, women would wear a two-piece cloth called the ‘settu mundu’.

In Kerala, it is more popularly called ‘mundum neriyathum’. The Mundum Neriyathum was popular during the Buddhist era. Its design was actually inspired by the Greco-Roman attire, Palmyrene, a long piece of unstitched cloth with a colored border.

Most of the traditional attires like sarees, mundu and set mundu are generally called kaithari which means handloom. The identity of these sarees usually comes from the geological cluster they are associated with. According to Indian Government, there are three clusters in Kerala – Balaramapuram, Chendamangalam, and Kuthampully. All these clusters produce different kinds of kasavu sarees. Haradthi is a leading brand which sells Kerala traditional saree online with a number of varieties in premium quality.

Why Choose Haradhi for Kerala Saree?

Kerala sarees are available under different labels. Choosing the best one among them is important to get a premium look as well as to make your dresses long-lasting. Getting a Kerala saree once in a lifetime will be enough if you are choosing the best one. With us, the kasavu sarees have evolved from being just traditional to something more. With Haradhi, these are

the outfits that reflect your personality with innovations in lovely handprinted borders. There are now gorgeous printed pallus depicting everything from traditional mythological scenes to modern art. Only high-quality raw materials are used by Haradhi for their manufacturing. These are then made into premium quality kasavu sarees through advanced manufacturing

techniques. The quality and purity of the sarees are maintained during all areas of manufacturing. From Haradhi, you can experience the best Kerala saree online shopping wide range of products. Many other kinds of premium quality sarees including silk sarees are also

available with Haradhi.



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