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How To Choose A Good Saree Matching Your Skin Tone

 Kerala saree

Haradhi is the best option for the perfect saree that fits your style. Selecting the ideal saree that goes well with your skin tone can be exciting but also challenging. A saree is a statement of tradition, grace, and individualistic style. So, whether it is a Kerala double mundu, Kerala saree, or Kerala handloom saree, all these choices have to be such that they add to your natural beauty. 

Getting to Know Your Skin Tone

Before we get into the details of selecting a saree, identifying one's skin tone is important. Skin tones can be classified into mainly three categories: fair, medium, and dark. Each category has its specific shades and colors which would be best suited.

Fair Skin Tone: Light, pastel shades and soft colors are good for fair skin. Colors like peach, light pink, and sky blue might brighten your face. Also, classic white and gold Kerala kasavu sarees look great on fair complexion.

Medium Skin Tone: Those with medium skin tones can play around with many colors. Earthy colors like mustard, green, and brown or rich colors, for example, royal blue and magenta, work wonders for them. Kerala handloom sarees in these colors can do a world of good to your skin tone.

Dusky Skin: Deep, rich colors such as maroon, emerald green, and navy blue are the best pick for dusky skin. These colors highlight the shine of your skin. For added oomph, dress up in a Kerala double mundu or Kerala saree with these colors to look dashing.

Selecting the Appropriate Fabric

The selection of the fabric is as important as that of the color. Kerala handloom sarees are comfortable and elegant. Handlooms are lightweight and have a gentle texture, making them ideal for informal daily wear. To get a Kerala kasavu saree, the weave incorporates cotton and silk, which makes wearing light and elegant.

How to Select Quality Sarees

Check the Weave: While doing this, a check has to be made as to whether the handloomed ones carry a different kind of texture and finish compared to the power-loomed ones.

Touch and Feel the Fabric: A good quality saree will feel smooth and soft in contact. Rough or uneven texture may suggest poor quality.

Check Borders and Pallu: A saree border, as well as pallu, should have the patterns woven neatly and with detail. In a Kerala kasavu saree, the gold border should be neat and not fray easily.

Go for Authenticity: Make sure to purchase any Kerala saree or Kerala double mundu from a perfect brand; authentic products always assure quality and durability.

Consider the Occasion: Select a saree according to the occasion. For everyday use, choose basic Kerala handloom sarees. Weddings or other special occasions - a rich Kerala kasavu saree would be perfect.


A saree that compliments the color of your skin and maintains quality can make you look much better, hence increasing your confidence. Be it the elegance of a Kerala kasavu sari or the comfort of a Kerala handloom saree, one is now bound to know better about their skin tone and what makes it an essential part of quality, turning saree shopping into an exciting activity. A saree, by dint of adorning an individual, discloses tradition, culture, and personal styling.



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