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Benefits of wearing a saree and the virtues it fosters

Kerala Saree

A saree appears complex, challenging to handle, and even confining to people. If so, either the saree was not properly draped or you lack the necessary walking skills to wear one (or both!) A saree is both gorgeous and practical when it is properly draped and pinned up in the appropriate areas.

Is a party dress easier to wear than a pair of jeans? Actually, no. Kerala saree is also simple to wear. To wear a saree gracefully, you must possess poise. A saree, in my opinion, would be appropriate for any situation. It's a fantastic outfit for social occasions. The apprehensive, weak-kneed women are not suited for the duty. When a woman wears a saree for a special event and enters the party with her head held high and a smile on her face, it is a subconscious declaration that she is calmly in control of herself and frequently tugs at certain people's heartstrings.

Women are particularly concerned about how their clothing complements or fits their bodies. The Kerala traditional saree is, in fact, the ideal garment for this use. The way a saree is draped can be modified to fit the wearer's body. skinny and tall? With a lengthy, unpleated pallu, wrap it tightly. It will increase your height without giving you a bony or overly thin appearance. On the other hand, for a thick physique, wear it slightly loosely with a well-pleated and pinned pallu to avoid looking heavy and add a touch of elegance.

Different studies show that wearing sarees have certain health benefits.

- Cultivating humility

- Development of modesty

- An increase in mental steadiness and chitta (subconscious mind) concentration

- Emergence of maternal emotions

- Believing that a saree represents a Deity

- Bhav development

- An improvement in confidence

- An increase in Kshatravrutti (a warrior's attitude)

- Realisation of one's true form causes an increase in introversion and a decrease in extroversion

- When someone wears a saree, the atmosphere is imbued with sattvikta (spiritual purity) and Chaitanya (divine consciousness).

In Indian culture, it is believed that our minds and brains are influenced as well as our spiritual well-being when we watch a sattvik scene. The waves of Shakti (Divine Energy), Anand (Bliss), and Shanti (Peace) that are emitted from someone wearing sattvik attire, such as a Kerala handloom saree, dhoti, etc., are registered in the mind and leave a favorable impression.



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