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Kuthampully Handloom Village in Kerala

Kuthampully handloom saree

Handloom sector has been a fundamental part of Kerala's socio-economic culture.

The Kerala Handloom industry is renowned for its unique, handmade high quality fabric as well as the handloom villages. Among those villages, one of the most esteemed handloom village is Kuthampully.

This beautiful village filled with it’s unique craftsmanship is located in the north-east side of Thrissur district in Kerala. Kuthampully is an hidden gem in Kerala with centuries old handloom traditions. Weaving is not only a living way for the weavers but also it’s a part of their culture which have been passed through several generations. While adhering to their unique customs and practices, the weavers also incorporate modern designs and techniques into their creations. Anyway they are managed to preserve its cultural heritage and artistry.

History and Legacy

The pure handloom products with the unique kasavu or gold thread remarks our culture and having a noteworthy place in Kerala’s history. The emerging of this village is before 500 years back with the influence of Cochin Royal family. Those skilled Kuthampully weavers are invited and occupied there for looming alluring handwoven clothes for the royal family.Over time, the weavers flourished their unique skill, creating charming fabrics that caught the attention of royalty and aristocrats. Handloom Weaving Process

Weaving is a tedious process with an intricate interplay of traditional wooden looms (kaithari) and manual techniques. The real handloom products are the results of continuous hardwork of skilled labours. Each process from collecting raw material to weaving must be careful. Because a single mistake may affect the quality of the product. The materials used in crafting these exquisite sarees are cotton and silk. Read this blog for a brief description on weaving process.

Visiting Kuthampully Handloom Village

Kuthampully is a must visit destination for those who want to explore Kerala’s authentic weaving culture. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the intricate weaving process firsthand and interact with the skilled weavers, gaining insight into their rich artistic heritage.

Exploring the narrow lanes of the village, one can also find shops and showrooms displaying a stunning array of Kuthampully sarees, fabrics, and other handloom products. Supporting these local businesses contributes to the sustainability of this ancient craft and helps in preserving this unique cultural heritage.


The heritage of this enchanting village revolves around the production of the traditional Kuthampully saree. This Village stands as a living testament to the resilience of craftsmanship and the preservation of Kerala cultural heritage. Its handwoven masterpieces continue to awe and inspire coming generations also. Kuthampully has a remarkable place in bringing a touch of traditional elegance to the modern world. As we appreciate and celebrate the legacy of Kuthampully, let us remember that each thread in these timeless creations carries not just the weight of history but also the dreams and aspirations of the artisans who have woven their hearts into every fabric.

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